Nhãn chai dầu CBD

TênCBD Oil Bottle Label, Cosmetic Oil Labels
Kích thướcTập quán
Thiên thạchGiấy đồng, giấy tổng hợp, PET bạc câm, PET trắng, PET trong suốt, PVC.
Màu sắc
CMYK, màu Pantone, đủ màu.
Nhiều loại hiệu ứng
không thấm nước, ảnh ba chiều, cắt khuôn, chịu nhiệt độ cao, trong suốt, lá vàng, có thể tháo rời, v.v.
Bưu kiện
Cuộn, Tờ riêng lẻ hoặc Cắt bế.
Thời gian dẫn đầu
Thông thường 5-7 ngày làm việc sau khi thanh toán và tác phẩm nghệ thuật được xác nhận.
Thanh toánBằng BOLETO, thẻ mastercard, visa, e-Check, PAYLATER, T / T, Westrurn Union
Đang chuyển hàngBằng đường hàng không, đường biển, chuyển phát nhanh quốc tế, v.v.

If you're looking to easily make tincture or CBD oil bottle labels you've found the right place. We've made it really simple to order tincture bottle labels, especially in small quantities.

We give you the tools to make labels for CBD oils and tinctures for products like sleep aids, mood regulators, injury recovery, pain relief, skin conditions, anxiety, and more.

How To Obtain Custom CBD Labels For Your Products

BZSticker, with its years of experience working with companies like yours, has the capability to print custom CBD labels, CBD tincture labels and CBD bottle labels to your specs. We can also imprint barcodes or QR codes on any of the various label stock materials we carry, including opaque, transparent, glossy, eco-friendly and others. In addition, we also offer CBD-compliant labels, consecutive numbering and extended content labels if your products require regulatory language or text that meets state and local mandates. Just supply us with the design and information needed, and we'll do the rest.

BZSticker offers premium custom printed CBD labels that you can personalize and order online with fast turnaround and no setup fees. We have a huge variety of materials, shapes, sizes and finishes to choose from for your CBD product packaging. You can find the perfect labels for your CBD oils, creams, concentrates, vape cartridges, gummies, supplements, edibles and more. Our wide selection of label shapes and sizes allow you to find the perfect fit for not only the front of your CBD packaging, but also for the back, the bottom and the lid. CBD labels and packaging requirements vary by product type so BZSticker has a variety of options to fit every CBD labeling need.

Since many CBD products contain oil, it's important that you use labels for CBD products that are water and oil-resistant like BZSticker waterproof film labels. Our film labels stand up to moisture and chemicals, so they're great for CBD oils, tinctures, softgel capsules, lotions and topical sprays in glass and plastic bottles & jars. We also have a large variety of small CBD labels that work for vape cartridges and accessories. If you want a upscale look, check out our chrome CBD labels for a mirror-like finish on pouches and jars for edibles and CBD supplements. All of our labels are FDA approved for indirect food contact, making them perfect CBD edible packaging. Custom square labels work great for your CBD gummies in a bag or bottle, and for barcode labels and QR codes. Try our small rectangles for CBD candy or round labels for your tins of CBD mints. Need a custom size? No problem, we've got you covered with no extra charge.

In the beauty industry, it’s imperative that your labels for cosmetic products stand out among the rest in order to be successful. A cosmetic label needs to be just as good as the product itself! We know how important a packaging design is to the success of the product’s lifetime, so we’ve included some great materials in our portfolio.

Your lotions and potions are luxurious, and we offer custom labels worthy of your high-end cosmetic products. From soap labels to bath bomb labels to lotion labels, you can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. We can also custom cut to create labels for any shape or size of cosmetic packaging. Our cosmetic labels adhere firmly to clean and dry flat surfaces, like, plastic, glass, or tins, giving you peace of mind that your packaging will stay looking pristine. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews below and go ahead and test it out yourself by ordering a sample pack. We offer a variety of label types and materials that are ideal for toners, serums, foundations, moisturizers, lip balm, lip gloss, lotions, soap, makeup and so much more!