Hình dán tùy chỉnh hình trẻ em tấm vinyl chết cắt trứng Phục sinh hình dán

Custom shape childrens stickers sheets vinyl die cut easter egg sticker collect large vinyl sticker die cut with transfer tape
Kích thước
Tập quán
Thiên thạch
Giấy đồng, giấy tổng hợp, PET bạc câm, PET trắng, PET trong suốt, PVC.
Màu sắc
CMYK, màu Pantone, đủ màu.
Nhiều loại hiệu ứng
không thấm nước, ảnh ba chiều, cắt khuôn, chịu nhiệt độ cao, trong suốt, lá vàng, có thể tháo rời, v.v.
Bưu kiện
Cuộn, Tờ riêng lẻ hoặc Cắt bế.
Thời gian dẫn đầu
Thông thường 5-7 ngày làm việc sau khi thanh toán và tác phẩm nghệ thuật được xác nhận.
Thanh toán
Bằng BOLETO, thẻ mastercard, visa, e-Check, PAYLATER, T / T, Westrurn Union
Đang chuyển hàng
Bằng đường hàng không, đường biển, chuyển phát nhanh quốc tế, v.v.

For their next birthday party, to stick on notebooks, lockers, for decorating, or for the holiday season, kids love stickers for, and on, just about anything. For party planning, make stickers to match the theme of your kid’s birthday. Whether you’re trying to match colors, designs, or characters, you can match them all. All you have to do is upload your artwork to the sticker maker and all your stickers will match. If you’re looking to make name labels for each of the guests for the dinner table and want to use the same character, animal, or symbol, simply use the old sticker maker classic. In there, you can fill the page with the icon of your choosing, then one by one, change the names on each of the labels for all the party guests. While you’re at it, include those party hats, with a sticker, even their name, on it to have some fun!

While stickers are fun, they can help encourage kids to learn and stay organized without even realizing it. Make sticker charts, so they can keep track of their daily chores, or alternately, make chore charts where their reward for a completed task is their choice of sticker. Try sticking apple stickers, grapes, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables on the fridge with the names below, so kids can learn the different fruits and vegetables as they eat them. BZSticker’s’ kids stickers stick strong and last long on just about anything, are weather-resistant, and will endure the fridge, freezer, even the dishwasher, leaving you with many different opportunities for sticker sticking fun!

Kids’ stickers are a fun way to help children learn through play. They are colorful, unique, and attractive – great for making any activity exciting! A staple in arts and crafts, stickers are great for decorating scrapbook pages or creating different artwork.

Parents can use kids’ stickers to classify toys, school supplies, and clothing. Children can practice their pincer skills by peeling off stickers and putting them wherever they want.

Branding Made More Fun

Kids’ stickers are not only for fun and games. Custom printing stickers can also help you boost awareness to your brand. Use them on apparel, toys, and books. Brands can also distribute them to in-store customers or include them in delivery packages.

BZSticker offers kids stickers in two formats:

Cut-to-Size – Hand these stickers with every purchase to put a smile on a child’s face. These individual stickers are printed on a 70 lb. paper, which is great for indoor use. Need something waterproof? Cut-to-size stickers are also available in 4 mil. white vinyl high-gloss UV, an excellent choice for products meant to be used outdoors.

Roll – If you need to brand things fast, roll kids stickers can help you with that. Use a roll dispenser to label things faster. These stickers are printed on white premium sticker paper and BOPP.

Bulk printing kids’ stickers can help you attract more customers and keep children happy. Our printing services can help you achieve the sticker design that you need. Get stickers in custom shapes and print up to 100,000 pieces. Stickers are ready for shipping as soon as one business day.