Tùy chỉnh không thấm nước chết cắt miếng dán PVC tấm vinyl nhãn dán tùy chỉnh in ấn

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Kích thước
Tập quán
Thiên thạch
Giấy đồng, giấy tổng hợp, PET bạc câm, PET trắng, PET trong suốt, PVC.
Màu sắc
CMYK, màu Pantone, đủ màu.
Nhiều loại hiệu ứng
không thấm nước, ảnh ba chiều, cắt khuôn, chịu nhiệt độ cao, trong suốt, lá vàng, có thể tháo rời, v.v.
Bưu kiện
Cuộn, Tờ riêng lẻ hoặc Cắt bế.
Thời gian dẫn đầu
Thông thường 5-7 ngày làm việc sau khi thanh toán và tác phẩm nghệ thuật được xác nhận.
Thanh toán
Bằng BOLETO, thẻ mastercard, visa, e-Check, PAYLATER, T / T, Westrurn Union
Đang chuyển hàng
Bằng đường hàng không, đường biển, chuyển phát nhanh quốc tế, v.v.

Die cut stickers are stickers that have been printed and cut out as individual stickers! Our machines cut all the way through the top layer of vinyl as well as the backing material enabling us to pop them out! This makes it really easy for people to distribute stickers and hand them out

Premium quality weatherproof labeling tool with a huge range of options available.
Perfect for both indoor & outdoor uses that suit your needs. Hence, the top choice in branding products like candles, perfumes, skincare, decorating cars, windows, etc.

Our die cut stickers are one of the most popular products we sell! They are printed and cut out to die-cut individual stickers which are great for handing out at events or including in packages.

We can cut your die cut stickers to any custom shape you require!

Die-cut stickers are becoming increasingly popular - The stickers are individually cut, making it easy for people to hand out at events, distribute amongst customers and even include in your packages/parcels!

Our printed die-cut individual stickers are fully waterproof, meaning they can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply hand out and peel away the backing to reveal the adhesive

Die cut stickers are great for increasing brand awareness - people are starting to use them as an alternative to business cards due to it's ease of distribution and a novelty for people to keep and show off

Our die-cut stickers are available in a matt or a gloss finish, and can be printed and cut to any custom shape or size

Use our interactive product builder above to create your perfect die-cut sticker! Start by selecting a shape - choose between Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval or Custom Shape for a bespoke cut path. Work your way through the builder choosing your finishing options, sizes, quantity etc and see a live price!

If you think it, we can create your die cut stickers!

Ideas for die-cut stickers: labels for personal belongings at work or school, brand awareness and exposure, sharing politics and passions. If you can think it, we can cut it!

  • Cut to any shape
  • Durable and dishwasher safe
  • Waterproof & weatherproof
  • Protects artwork from fading
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easy ordering
  • Fast Delivery Available
  • Proof prior to production

What are die-cut stickers used for?

There is a huge variety of uses for die-cut stickers. Business owners use them for product stickers, restaurant owners use them on-to-go cartons, DJs and retail companies use them to promote events and sales.

Are the die-cut waterproof stickers?

Yes, the vinyl stickers are waterproof and dishwasher safe. They are very durable and printed to protect the artwork from fading. They are made of high-quality materials for business owners to promote their brands in a variety of ways.

What kind of surfaces can die-cut stickers stick to?

Die-cut stickers are very durable. They can stick to a variety of surfaces, like hydro flasks, windows, laptops, walls, poles, and so many more places. When we print Die cut stickers we keep in mind that they need to stick to a wide variety of surfaces.

Can I put die-cut stickers on a round surface?

Vinyl Stickers can adapt to round surfaces easily. The sticker material is made to stretch a tiny bit to wrap around water bottles, coolers, or posts.

Do you offer die cut sticker printing for my business?

Yes, we sure do! Die-cut stickers are one of the most popular stickers that we print. Our sticker printing turnaround is around 3 days and it is printed in China.